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About Pike County

Being one of the oldest counties in Alabama, Pike County is named in honor of General Zebulon Montgomery Pike, of New Jersey. Pike was an explorer who led an expedition to southern Colorado and discovered Pike’s Peak in 1806.


Pike County is home to the largest university in the state, Troy University.

Founded: December 17, 1821
Population:  33,339 (2013 Census)
Land Area: 672 square miles
County Seat: Troy
Other Cities and Towns: Banks, Brundidge and Goshen


Our Courthouse…

The Pike County Courthouse houses most of our County Offices including the Probate, Revenue, Reappraisal, and Sheriff’s Department. There are also numerous State offices located in the Courthouse including the Circuit Clerk, Circuit Judge, District Judge, Drivers License and Board of Registrars Offices. We also house Pike County Veteran’s Affairs and a virtual Social Security Office.

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