Closures and Projects

CR 6618 Buckhorn Branch / Est. Date Open: TBD
CR 7712 Indian Creek (Emergency closure due to traffic damage to bridge) 

Low Weight Posted Bridges (from storm damage)
CR 3316 Whitewater Creek- Est. Date of Removing Posting: TBD


Timber Bridge Replacement Program:

Click here for a PDF document.


FY 2022 County Transportation Plan

2021 Road & Bridge Resurfacing Projects

CDBG (Community Development Block Grant):

Pike County was awarded CDBG funding for the following projects:

  • Resurface/rehabilitate County Road 7749 (McClure Town Community) - Completed.

  • Grade drain, base, and pave County Road 2256 (Spring Hill Community)- Under Construction.

HRRR (High Risk Rural Roads Program):

FY 2019- Pike County was awarded $261,244 in federal HRRR funds to replace guardrail and provide end anchors at 5 bridges to improve safety. This project has been completed.

FY 2020- Pike County was awarded $282, 259 in federal HRRR funds for guardrail improvements, and traffic control (striping and markings).  This project has been completed. 

FY 2021- Pike County was awarded federal HRRR funds to replace guardrail and private end anchors at the Pea River relief bridge on County Road 4442. This project is scheduled for the February 2022 ALDOT letting. 


Litter Control Program:

The Pike County Littering program is currently active. The litter crew typically picks up litter three days a week, Tuesday-Thursday. Please call the Pike County Road Department at 334-566-4508 for more information.


Routine Maintenance:

Pike County Road Department’s continuous road maintenance includes work such as crack sealing, pothole patching, driveway turnout maintenance, traffic control/signs, drainage maintenance, dirt road maintenance, bridge maintenance, mowing, spraying, and trimming to control vegetation along county roads. Click here to submit a maintenance request to the Road Department.