Closures and Projects

CR 7712 Indian Creek (Emergency closure due to traffic damage to bridge) - Closed until further notice.

Low Weight Posted Bridges (from storm damage)
CR 3316 Whitewater Creek- Est. Date of Removing Posting: TBD


Timber Bridge Replacement Program:

Click here for a PDF document.


FY 2023 County Transportation Plan

FY 2022 County Transportation Plan

FY 2023 Resurfacing Projects

2021 Road & Bridge Fund Resurfacing Projects

CDBG (Community Development Block Grant):

Pike County was awarded CDBG funding for the following projects:

  • Resurface/rehabilitate County Road 7749 (McClure Town Community) - Completed.

  • Grade drain, base, and pave County Road 2256 (Spring Hill Community)- Under Construction.


Litter Control Program:

The Pike County Litter program is currently active. The litter crew typically picks up litter three days each week, Tuesday-Thursday. Please call the Pike County Road Department at 334-566-4508 for more information.


Routine Maintenance:

Pike County Road Department’s continuous road maintenance includes work such as pavement maintenance, driveway turnout maintenance, traffic control/signs, drainage maintenance, dirt road maintenance, bridge maintenance and mowing, spraying, and trimming to control vegetation along county roads. Click here to submit a maintenance request to the Road Department.