Closures and Projects


CR 6638 Richland Creek (Mobilizing on 11/30 to retrieve floated pipe and haul material) Est. Date Open: 12/3/2020

CR 5521 Beaver Pond Branch (Mobilize after Christmas 2020) Est. Date Open: 12/31/2020

CR 6618 Buckhorn Branch (Waiting for EBIT Structural Evaluation to develop plans) Est. Date Open: TBD

Low Weight Posted Roads

CR 1128 Beeman Creek (Mobilizing on 11/30 to install bracing) Est. Date of Removing Posting: 12/2/2020

CR 3339 Whitewater Creek (Mobilize in January 2021 to repair by County Forces) Est. Date of Removing Posting: Feb 2021

CR 3316 Whitewater Creek (Waiting for EBIT Structural Evaluation to develop plans) Est. Date of Removing Posting: TBD


24 Month Plan:

In 2018, the Pike County Commission developed the “24 Month Plan” to resurface some of the worst roads in Pike County. The plan was funded with $1,200,000 generated from debt reduction and elimination, and other cost reductions. The following roads are being resurfaced:

  • CR 2204 (from CR 2203 to CR 2214)

  • CR 2219 (from CR 2201 to end)

  • CR 2253 (from CR 2276 to CR 2243)

  • CR 4413 (from AL 130 to pavement end)

  • CR 6629 (from US29 to CR 6627)



Industrial Access:

Current Industrial Access projects associated with the new Rex Lumber Mill:

  • CR 7714: (Funding from Industrial Access Board & Federal Aid) Resurface from US-231 to CR 7724.

  • CR 7724: (Funding from Industrial Access Board) Construct new access road to Rex Lumber Mill.

  • US-231: (Funding from Industrial Access Board) Construct new southbound acceleration lane at CR 7714 to accommodate Rex Lumber traffic.

  • CR 7714: (Funding from Alabama Dept. of Economic and Community Affairs, Community Development Block Grant funds and Economic Development Administration) Resurface CR 7714 from CR 7724 to CR 7707.


The Pike County Commission has received funding to resurface CR 7707 from US-231 to Lockheed Martin to support Lockheed Martin’s expansion. This resurfacing is in progress, and is estimated to be complete by March 1, 2020.


Timber Bridge Replacement Program:

Click here for a PDF document.



Pike County recently completed federal aid resurfacing projects on the following roads:

  • CR 2290

  • CR 2276


Road Traffic Striping:

Pike County has contracted a project to repaint centerline traffic stripes on approximately 161 miles of roads. Work is expected to begin in January or February 2020.


CDBG (Community Development Block Grant):

Pike County is pursuing CDBG funding to resurface CR 7749 and to pave CR 2256.


HRRR (High Risk Rural Roads Program):

FY 2019- Pike County was awarded $261,244 in federal HRRR funds to replace guardrail and provide end anchors at 5 bridges to improve safety.

FY 2020- Pike County was awarded $282, 259 in federal HRRR funds for guardrail improvements, and traffic control (striping and markings).


Litter Control Program:

Pike County's litter crew is currently in the southeast area of the county. The program will proceed around the county in a clockwise rotation. If you are interested in helping, Alabama PALS promotes litter control throughout our county and the entire state. Visit their website to find out how you can help. The link to PALS is Please call the Pike County Road Department at 334-566-4508 for more information.


Routine Maintenance:

Pike County Road Department’s continuous road maintenance includes work such as crack sealing, pothole patching, driveway turnout maintenance, traffic control/signs, drainage maintenance, dirt road grading, bridge maintenance, mowing, spraying, and trimming to control vegetation along county roads. Click here to submit a maintenance request to the Road Department.


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